Why ExGap?

There's a wealth of learning resources online for anyone interested in data, analysis & visualization, but sorting and gathering it can be tedious and time-consuming. Rather than sorting through endless pages, why not have one updated source for every question you might have? Our goal is to fill the gap between desire and the action towards a data-driven business environment, giving members the knowledge & resources to help those that want to make a positive change in their business or carrier...

  • Customized Education

    We have broken down contents into unique subjects that will enable you to concentrate on your weak spots and build your skills to the next level so that you can be confident in using each of it's features.

  • Learn at your speed

    Tutorials are constructed from short videos & articles so that you can learn at home, while you are taking lunch, between conferences, during public commuting or at the terminal waiting for your plane to take off.

  • Quality content & real case studies

    I read numerous books, attended courses, webinars, and searched endless hours on-line so you don't have to. ExGap is a place where you can get all the knowledge on how to become a skilled data analyst.

Why Excel & Power BI?

In today's world, data is coming from everywhere. Not just from transactional systems of record, but also from systems of observation, product telemetry, human interactions, etc. So in a world full of data, Power Bi has the mission to the drive it's users towards a data culture where every employee in the organization can make better decisions based on data, where fact replace opinions & what you know matter more than who you know. That is an empowering message which can help users improve their competitive advantage.        

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What people are saying:

Best Power BI tutorials ever!

by Jobin Thomas

Excellent teaching style, explanations are clear and presentation skills are wonderful. One of the best tutorials and all this for FREE. I can recommend these tutorials to anyone who is starting from scratch, and even a seasoned Power BI user will find hidden gems in these tutorials, worth watching. Thanks for the wonderful tutorials.

Thank you!

by Ann Rodrigueza

I truly enjoyed these tutorials. It was easy to follow along and understand, I'm much more comfortable using the program. Looking forward to using the techniques and tips I learned and I look forward to continuing my learning and gaining more experience to enable me to perform more complex reporting tasks. Thank you.

Amazing free content

by Arron Lairsen

This was well worthy. I had little experience in Power BI and even halfway into the content I feel like I mastered the software. A lot of material was covered and provided so I can review and learn at my own pace.

Thanks for sharing your expertise!

by Michell Robalo

This course has been really valuable. It's broken down into easy-to-use segments and I was able to take what I learned and quickly apply it to my work.

Highly recommended.

by Michael Czyzevski

Great course. Most of us can figure out the different chart types and formatting options so these tutorials don't focus too much on those aspects. Rather, it really focuses on what you need to know to be an effective Power BI professional: DAX. There's a ton of it written and explained in this course.