Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who should join the subscription?

    Anyone who wants to elevate their data analysis & visualization knowledge & skills, including: New users, beginners, intermediates, and advanced Excel & Power BI users. Professionals working in the corporate environment or government sectors who want to leverage Excel and Power BI for increased productivity, accurate data management, and reporting. People who want to change career and apply for a new job that requires knowledge of Microsoft Excel, and Power BI It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to these platforms. No prior knowledge is necessary to join the membership.

  • What version of Excel & Power BI do I need?

    The tutorials and concepts taught are compatible with any Microsoft Excel version and Microsoft Power BI with after 2018.

  • How long do I have access to subscriptions?

    You have access to subscriptions FOREVER!

  • Are there any start and finish dates for contents?

    This is a self-paced learning subscription where you decide when you start and when you finish all the material. You get access to all 140+ video tutorials and dozens of online reading contents. You can access the course site from your work computer, home computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with an internet connection. The course site remembers your progress, so you can pick-up right where you left off on any device. That means you can watch a few videos at work, then continue right where you left off on your home computer.

  • How long does it take to complete the Power BI video tutorials?

    This depends on how much time you have to spend each day watching the videos. I recommend watching one or two videos a day and then practicing the techniques in your job.

  • Can I download the files used in tutorials?

    Yes! You will be able to download all the files I use throughout the course. This makes it easy to follow along and practice with our data.

  • Can I watch the videos on my iPad or Android tablet?

    Yes, the subscription (including your student dashboard and all the training materials) can be accessed on any tablet or smartphone, and it looks beautiful. You can watch the course on your iPad or Android Tablet while following along with the Excel & Power BI files on your computer screen.

  • How often will I be billed?

    There are NO recurring charges. Premium subscription has a one-time payment charge only.