Chart Pattern Indicator

Market industries and S&P500 stocks performance with chart pattern indicator analysis developed by Thomas Bulkowski

Covid-19 Vaccine Stocks

Daily update of the list and historical prices of covid vaccine stocks trading on the US markets & daily confirmed Covid19 cases

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Example dashboard of a multifamily real estate portfolio management dashboard with relevant KPI's.

COVID-19 Daily status update

represents official daily counts of COVID-19 cases worldwide.

Power BI Blogging Community

by PowerBI.World

Most recent ten posts from a variety of bloggers in the Power BI community...

US Bank Locations

Convenient online dashboard to find bank locations in the United States. Nearly 7000 banks with more than 90000 offices and 20000 routing numbers

Salespersons Performance Dashboard

For this project, I had to apply good information design principles to make a clean and simple dashboard...